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Elegant Gothic Aristocrats

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† Elegant Gothic Aristocrat †

This is a community in which to discuss the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat {EGA} fashion.

Please read the rules before joining.

†† Rules
• Please keep discussion relevant to the Gothic Aristorcrat fashion or related films/music/graphics etc.
• If you are posting large images or more then two small ones please use the lj cut.
• Respect the other members and be polite.

†† Sales Posts
Sales posts are currently allowed if the following rules are adheared to.
• You need to have previously introduced yourself to the community.
• You may post a sales post once a week.
• All items need to be posted behing an lj cut.
• Keep to a single post if selling multiple items.
• Post clear details and a link to feedback.

Remember although the community will do it's best to only allow posts from trustworthy sellers, it is your responsibility to ensure they are before entering into a sale with them!