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Selling Angelic Pretty replica !

Hello everyone on my page here:) I am desperately trying to sell my Oojia replica of Angelic Prettys' puppet circus! It is the jsk version in ivory. Please make any offers! I am willing to go really low since I have had it for so long.I paid $120 for this jsk in total including shipping so please make offers with that in mind,however I am willing to go pretty low in price since I really want this gone. I have only tried it on a few times but never worn it out so the condition is near perfect. Please comment or PM me if you are interested c:

Greetings everyone!

Hello all!

I just wanted to introduce myself a little. I love all kinds of fashion and music so I hope my mostly all-encompassing love of different styles won't put you off. I live in Hawaii so the weather isn't all that conducive to wearing lovely heavy fabrics or layers. One can still find a place to be and feel properly elegant though! Many wonderful sub-culture styles are well represented here and it is not too unusual to see someone walking about in anachronistic clothes or in fashions more suited to the future or from an anime. That being said, I hope everyone here feels likewise comfortable with their own chosen looks and lifestyles as well!

I want to keep it short and sweet so I'll conclude with this. I'm really friendly (I think) so feel free to chat me up.

Intro Post


I joined this comm to hopefully learn the ways of aristo lolita.  Please excuse my noobness and I hope to enjoy time with you all!

I am 28 years old and I have only been dressing in lolita since April of 2010.  Thus far my main interest has been casual and classic.  I am interested in learning more about aristocrat as well.

Thank you for your time!

A Greet.

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

I have just recently joined the community in hopes to comprehend the ways of EGA. I very much enjoy the clothing and the atittude towards the life as well. I hope that we all become more that aquaintances soon.

Thank you,


A breath of life..

Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen,

The community has a new look and new rules, be sure to check out the user info for more details. I have also cleared out some of the older sales posts as they are long out of date.

I know it has become rather neglected as of late, I will try to be more focused and keep it updated regularly from now on.

And to all of you I pose a question: What is your favorite accessory for when you are dressing EGA?