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Hi I just joined this community and wanted to share a photo shoot I had with my friend Egan over the summer.

I was lazy so here is the link to the post I made about it:

haha, hope you enjoy~

Aristocratic Finds from Newport News

The other day my grandmother gave me a clothing catalogue for a brand called Newport News. She knows I love romantic-looking, period-esque clothing and thought I might like to order something from it. It's a gorgeous catalogue with some really nice items, some of which are perfect for EGA.

I thought I'd offer a glimpse of some the highlights...

A lovely array, under the cut...Collapse )

God Save JapanTown!

Due to the possible sale of properties in San Francisco's JapanTown, we are in danger of losing up to three-fourths of this precious Nihonmachi. As one deeply enamoured of Japan and its culture, as well as Japanese-American culture, I urge every one of you to take a stand for the preservation of this vital historical district by signing the petition linked below:


Do not permit San Francisco's J-Town to be destroyed!



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Screaming into the Void

Greetings, I have recently joined, having noted the deplorable lack of communities honestly dedicated to things Aristocratic. I have read through the archives and see that this is not a very active community, but I would hope that it will begin to pick up pace eventually. I will certainly do what I can, as a newcomer, to infuse some new blood into the community's parched veins, but it will take a modicum of feedback from the rest of you to be of any use.

I am a young 'Colonial' living in the frustratingly bright and sunny state of California, but we have recently had the great fortune of enjoying a spell of heavy rain, which has prompted the excavation of my umbrella from the back of my wardrobe, though it does some what hinder the wearing of long, sweeping skirts. It is more a time for slacks and trousers, which suits me just fine.

By way of encouraging a bit of conversation I wonder if those of you still silently inhabiting the shadows of this half-forsaken might come out and share with us what would be your ideal Aristocratic coordinate? If you have specific pieces of clothing in mind from certain brands, then by all means do tell, and if not, elaborate description would hardly be frowned upon in such a community, I am sure...

For myself, I have always been inspired by the sort of 'romantic vampire' paradigm, and thus my favorite costumes tend to incorporate gauzy poet-style shirts with either high, lacy collars or provocatively opened lace-up fronts, with cuffs of lace that simply drip over the hands. Long velvet jackets with antique steel and silver buttons are, for me, ideal, especially when the skirts of the coat flare out from the waist or hips. Slacks and trousers are variable. I like both close-fitting and loose pant-legs, but either way they should create a straight, slender figure beneath.

Leather boots of the buckled, witch, or pirate variety are especially nice, and should always hug the calves and ankles closely. I particularly like skull and skeleton-themed jewelry in silver, garnet, and jet, as well as coffin and rose motifs. The occasional glass eye peering from an earlobe or finger-joint can also be quite striking. Smokey, as opposed to thick and blotted black make-up accentuates this sort of style nicely, in my opinion, and particularly blonde, red, and chestnut shades of wavy hair stand out above the seas of raven-black so common to the bastard-child subdivisions of goth... Though if one's hair is capable of hanging heavy and straight and works well with razor-cuts, then black is preferable - perhaps shot through with brilliant highlights of royal blue, absinthe green, and that forever favorite, bloody red. Personally I sport an asymmetrical cut something akin to that Ms. Swinton wears as the Angel Gabriel in the 2005 comic-to-film adaptation, Constantine. Another non-Japanese figure I look to for Aristocratic inspirations would be John Koviak of ex-London After Midnight. I highly recommend study of the photographs of him from older issues of Propaganda Magazine.

Eastern influences on my style of course include the ever famous Mana-sama of Moi-dix-Mois and ex-Malice Mizer, but even beyond this guru of Elegant Gothic Style I look to Kozi (Eve of Destiny, ex-Malice Mizer) and Luci'fer Luscious Violenoue (ex-Gille's Love, ex-Fiction) and almost anyone who models anything by alice auaa.

I look forward to corresponding with this community, and hope to hear from you soon.


Are you a Master/Mistress with eyeliner, do you have what it takes to glaze your eyes with shadow?, are manicured lips and meticulous hair your forte, are you willing to share your secrets or even if you seeking advice??

Hello Everyone

Greetings, I just joined this community, soi I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself. My name is Eilidh, I'm from Scotland. I love fashion, namely EGA, Victoriana, and EGL, my favourite brands are h.Naoto, Heavy Red, Moi-Meme-Moitie, and Atelier Boz. I've only recently really started taking an interest in such, maybe about 2-3 years. Not sure what else to say, so if anyone has any questions or comments just ask.
Beyond the Pale is a brand new perfumery based in London, UK (though we sell worldwide).

Using historic recipes and pure essential oils whenever possible, all our fragrances at Beyond the Pale are hand-blended to perfection, poured into amber glass bottles and wrapped in darling little black georgette bags tied with silk ribbons. They are then nestled in classic black sturdy boxes for posting & tied with ruby red string. Indeed, we believe you will want to keep the boxes for storing trinkets & scented love-letters!

Designed for Ladies & Gentlemen of discernment & distinction (though disreputable characters are always welcomed with open arms), we strive never to be nondescript - always beyond the pale, for your pleasure and delectation.

All our fragrance names are based on old London slang phrases (mostly from, or used during, the Victorian era) - you can read more about the origin of the names on our website, or by reading more about the range beneath the cut.

Prior to officially launching our website we are offering some of the fragrances for sale here & on our selling journal: beyondpale.

Perfumes available:

A saucy blend of rich chocolate, ripe cherry & vanilla musk, blended with pure sandalwood & vetiver for sensual, long-lasting warmth; pure jojoba base. Utterly addictive - redolent of sin.

Freshly picked velvety blooms of pure Rose Maroc infused with palmarosa & spicy nutmeg; sweet vanilla musk entwines with subtle notes of earthy vetiver & a single drop of patchouli in the jojoba base... a suggestion of imminent corruption, perhaps.

Rosy-sweet geranium nestles with comforting, fresh rosemary & subtle, calming lavender; together they gently frottage the slightly sinister base of rich frankincense with hints of dark patchouli & sandalwood. Mellowing beautifully to a fruity, powdered-musk finish, this is a fragrance to wear at times of mental anguish & to prevent attacks of the 'female vapours'.

A dark, smokey blend of sandalwood, cypress, black pepper, & musky vetiver, with the rich oil of bergamot (famously used to flavour Earl Grey tea) & spicy ginger gently piercing the fog. Full of character, this fragrance is destined to be worn with a stiff upper lip & certain swaggering elegance.

Essential oils of juniper berry (used to flavour gin), clove (very often used in mulled wines & highly intoxicating punches) & black pepper are blended with aromatic cedarwood & vanilla musk in this potent fragrance. Highly unusual, evocative of merriment caused through imbibing; Lushing Ken is for those who know how to roister, caper & carouse through life.

Usually worn by gentlemen of disreputable characters, this fragrance may also be worn by painted ladies & gangster's molls. Distinctly not for wallflowers - those who have no one to dance with at parties - of either sex.

A broodingly handsome blend of spiced ginger, fresh lavender & laconic cedarwood resting nonchalantly on a smooth, long-lasting base of warm sandalwood & darkly glowering vetiver. Comprised of traditional gentlemens' fragrance recipes originally hailing from Provence; Haymarket Hector should be worn by those dastardly rogues who charm with a wink & are a danger to unsuspecting females the world over.

Pictures of Perfumes & Ordering Information.Collapse )